Øje-blik Bookshelf no. 1


This beautiful bookshelf in oil-treated wood frames has smaller shelves hanging in brass tubes. A classic piece of furniture that really captures the eye. For a customised solution, contact us.

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Bookshelf in untreated wood
Should oil, wine etc. be spilt we recommend wiping immediately. During the first week the bookshelf should be washed daily with soap flakes and thereafter once in a while to prevent staining.

Oil-treated wood
A bookshelf that has been oil-treated does not need to be treated with soap, but should simply be wiped with a damp cloth with a little soap. The surface is not 100% sealed so we recommend wiping spillage immediately.

Painted bookshelf
A painted bookshelf should be cleaned with a damp cloth. Be aware that white shelving is easily stained by foods like wine, curry, coffee etc. Stains that cannot be removed would need to be painted over.