Simple Living

is where all the superfluous is gone and where the furniture is light, sleek and original.


should be mirrored in our surroundings. Because each and every person is different, it’s also possible for our customer work with us to design their own furniture and give them a personal touch.


As we build all our furniture in-house, we can be certain that we only sell items of the highest quality.


All of our suppliers are chosen based on their environment policy and because of the high quality they can deliver.


We love to challenge the idea of what a piece of furniture can be. With the right furniture, could you forgo the extra room, the extra bed or something else?


No design is produced without focus on its functionality. We see our furniture as small works of art which can be used for a purpose.


We work with these materials as well as the fusion of them.


Wood brings nature indoors, so there is a fragrance of the forest in the lounge room.

We love wood because it is a living and flexible material which brings soul and gives personality.

Designvalg 10

Designvalg 1


Brass sets an exclusive imprint on our furniture. It has a beautiful colour and reflects light in the room.


Concrete tabletops are practical and beautiful at the same time. We love the industrial and rustic look that concrete gives.

Designvalg 2

Designvalg 9


We work with gloss tile because it is the perfect material to reflect light into the room and it’s also probably the most practical surface to keep clean.


For our daybeds we have carefully selected the types and colours of fabric which will put a unique touch on the furniture piece. Our preferred fabrics are velour, leather and wool.

Designvalg 8

Designvalg 7


You can’t say Øje-blik without saying colour. We love colour and love combining colours together.

We hand-paint all our our surface as it gives the most personal and unique look.


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